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Borland Kylix Borland KylixAccelerate your Linux GUI development with KylixTM Desktop Development Edition, the RAD tool for Linux.

Only $199.00
Offer good from May 25 through August 28

FacetCorp FacetWin, the Windows to Linux integration software product, has set the new standard for Windows to Linux connectivity.

An all-in-one Windows to Linux integration software solution, FacetWin is priced like a single feature product.

Free evaluation copy available.

TS454 Terian TS454 Pentium 4 Server/Workstation for Linux.

The Terian TS454 combines the newest Intel Pentium 4 processor with up to 2 Gigabytes of Rambus memory to provide unprecedented system efficiency, performance and responsiveness in a Linux workstation.

Configured and ready to ship, only $2725.

3ware RAID Controller 3ware RAID Controller

4-Port ATA66 Switch RAID Controller / Half Length / includes 2 Y-Splitters, four 18"ATA cables and 1 set of Drivers/Manuals

Only $284.50.

RedHat 7.1 RedHat Standard Edition 7.1 The wait is over! Red Hat 7.1 Standard is finally here. Featuring the new 2.4 kernel, enhanced firewall capabilities and Apache and BIND configuration tools.

Only $37.99.

16 port MasterView Pro KVM Switch

ATEN MasterView Pro CPU switches are the most integrated CPU switches available today. Only $1,299

Tux Family Bundle

Everybody needs a little love from Tux! Now you can get it from the whole Tux family for this very special bundle price. The Blog Starter says, "he makes a great blogging buddy!" If sold separately this would cost you over $70.00!!! Only $34.95

Terian ezNET.Sentinel LT The Terian ezNET.Sentinel LT securely and safely connects one or more computers to a single cable modem or DSL connection.

About the size of a portable CD player, the Terian ezNET.Sentinel LT is a combined firewall and shared Internet access device in a simple-to-install and easy-to-use package. Only $199

Formal Tux

Formal Tux Here! Tux is featured with the Penguin Power T-shirt XL, Penguin Power Boxer shorts XL, Tux Tie, and the Tux Pin. If sold separately this would cost over $147.00!
*Some assembly required Only $99.95

Terian TPA107 PC Terian TPA107 low-cost AMD Duron workstation.

1.0 GHz Athlon Processor, 128MB RAM, 20GB hard disk.

Configured and ready to ship, only $625.

Cobalt RaQ

The Cobalt RaQ is a server appliance for Internet Service Providers (ISPs). It can host up to 200 individual websites or it can be dedicated to a single medium or large customer. Only $2,349

Tandberg Tandberg
20/40GB external tape drive kit with media.

Includes tape drive, SLR media, cleaning cartridge, ext. SCSI Ultra2 cable HD68/HD68, ext.LVD/SE terminator, power cord.

Complete kit only $1,113.00.

Win4Lin Win4Lin 3.0Run your favorite Windows application on Linux today!

Only $74.95

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    36" Penguin - $89.95
    18" Penguin - $29.95
    10" Penguin - $19.95
    6" Penguin - $9.95
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