Linux Mall Mailing List Subscriptions

The Linux Mall offers several mailing lists to keep you informed on what's new and exciting. This web page allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe to these lists. More lists will be added soon, and all will start empty. You can also see our mailing and subscription policy.

Selecting one of these buttons will bring up a specialized web subscription interface. When you are finished, close the window and return to the Linux Mall.

If you experience any difficulties, please send a message to or and we will be happy to help you with your request.

Each list is offered in two editions, plain text and HTML (which has a -HTML extension). If you use an HTML-aware mail reader, you will want to unsubscribe from the plain text edition, and subscribe to the HTML edition.


All Linux Mall announcements are sent to this list, up to several announcements per week. This includes news, significant announcements relating to the Linux Community at large, bugs and fixes, new products, special offers, and more.

Linux Alert Mini Newsletter

Each issue of Linux Alert will typically contain two News Items, one Significant Linux Event or problem and solution, and three New Products or Special offers. It will have only short synopses and a URL for each topic, keeping it under 120 lines of text. Among other things, Linux Alert captures what we feel are the most significant issues that travel across the Linux Announce list. It is transmitted every two weeks or so and is named Linux Alert when there are critical issues with Linux to report, or Linux Mall Alert when there are no critical issues.

Linux Newsletter

The Linux Newsletter is a full-fledged publication containing news items, analysis, commentary, reader feedback, behind-the-scenes stories, product spotlights, trade show calendar, some advertising, and more. Tells of goings-on in the Linux community. Linux Newsletter may draw upon, but not necessarily duplicate items that may have appeared earlier on the Announce and Linux Alert lists.

Direct Mailserv Interface

For experienced users who want to access Mailserv directly.