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Our Price:US$47.00
Size (in):7"x 9"x .75"

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  • Linux Pro 5.4 CD...
  • Linux Pro: Installation and Mo...
  • Debian Disk 1...
  • Debian Disk 2...
  • SuSE CD by Linux Mall...
  • Caldera OpenLinux CD by LinuxM...
  • Red Hat Linux CD by LinuxMall....
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  • The GNU Way to Manage Your Money
    Linux Pro Sampler Linux Pro Sampler
    Manufacturer: WGS
    Version: 5.4b
    LinuxMall Part No: 00779

    This remarkable product contains the highly professional and stable Linux Pro 5.4 with Netscape, AT&T; WorldNet software, JDK 1.1.3, and hundreds of other great tools. Also included are the excellent Installation and More book, and five other Linux distributions - Caldera, Debian, Red Hat, Slackware, and S.u.S.E. - so you can evaluate and compare them all!

    Mall Price: $47.00    Click to buy!

    Note: This bundle is also sold under the name Linux Pro Plus.

    Extended Information
    Besides the great Linux Pro 5.4 CD, this bundle provides the 5 other major Linux distributions, Caldera, Debian, Red Hat, Slackware, and S.u.S.E. Each of these Linux distributions is the latest version available at the time of the assembly of the Linux Pro Sampler bundle. This allows you to compare Linux Pro, and all other Linux distributions. Then use the one you prefer. WGS of course thinks that your choice will be Linux Pro. the excellent installation guide Linux Pro: Installation and More click here to see a summary.

    Free Tech support for this product is available on the WGS web server at, and via the WGS Linux Pro email list, Unlimited Personal Technical support for this product is available on a paid basis.

    More for your money:

    • If you want a product that includes not only more value for the money but also some FREE individual technical support via telephone or email, get Linux Pro Plush

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    QuantityItem Description Price per Unit
    1 book US$ 5.00
    6 cd US$ 2.00
    1 Intellectual value is sale price minus sum of components

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