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Size (in):5"x 5"x .2"

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Slackware 3.5 CD by LinuxMall Slackware 3.5 CD by LinuxMall
Manufacturer: WGS
Version: 3.5
LinuxMall Part No: 00738

The popular Slackware distribution of Linux, conveniently available on CD. $1.89 when ordered online using your credit card! See below if you wish to order using any other method.

Mall Price: $0.99    Click to buy! This item is replaced by 00838

Important! In order to take advantage of this special offer, you must order online using a credit card. For any other ordering method we must ask you for a $10 handling charge to cover human time in helping you unless you also order other items. Please read our announcement on the $1.89 CDs.
More complete: You might be interested in the Slackware 3.5 four-CD set.
Older version: We still have a few of the Slackware 3.4 single CD.

Extended Information
WGS presents the Slackware distribution of Linux, conveniently packaged on a very inexpensive CD.

Although we're happy to supply this CD to you for a mere $1.89, we also recommend that you purchase the "official" boxed set. That way, you help support Walnut Creek so they can keep developing their products; you get more software than can fit on a single CD; and you can still order the free CD to share with a friend!

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1 cd US$ 2.00
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