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Version: 5.2
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Red Hat Linux Variety Pack

No longer available.

Red Hat Linux Variety Pack, formerly packaged with Red Hat Powertools, is the complete Red Hat Linux 5.2 for the Intel, Alpha, and SPARC platforms. No manuals, support, or handholding are included, so first-time Linux users are better off with the Official Red Hat Linux boxed set.

Our Price:US$27.95
Size (in):5.5"x 5"x .7"

  • Intel 386 or greater, through Pentium Pro, including the Pentium II.
  • 120 MB required for a minimal custom install (a typical install uses about 5 00 MB).
  • 16MB of memory
  • Most video cards supported.
  • CD ROM Drive
  • 3.5" Floppy Disk drive.

Extended Information:

Have you been using RPM since its creation? Are you a LUG legend? Do you scoff at installation manuals and tech support? More importantly, are you a bit tight for cash? No worries, now you can get your hands on the latest version of Red Hat Linux for a smaller price--IF you are willing to accept the challenge!

Red Hat Linux Variety Pack, formerly packaged with the Power Tools, is the complete Red Hat Linux version 5.2 for the Intel, Alpha, and SPARC platforms. However, you're on your own with this distribution--no manuals, support, or handholding are included. The Red Hat Linux Variety Pack is perfect for the experienced installer seeking a straight-forward upgrade.**Note: Red Hat Linux Variety Pack is not designed for the first-time Linux user. For those new to Red Hat Software and Linux, we recommend you consider the Official Red Hat Linux box set.

New features in Red Hat Linux 5.2

Installation Class - This is a much more simplified installation procedure allowing the user to select a workstation or server install. The install will then automatically partition based your system and take care of basic defaults. All the power of the previous install methods are still available via a "custom" install as well.

  • Multiple SCSI support during install (you can now easily install to systems with more than one SCSI adapter)
  • apache 1.3 (the worlds most popular WWW server)
  • gimp 1.0 (the long awaited release of the popular graphics package)
  • Shipping with 2.0.36 Kernel, Linux 2.2 ready (install 2.1 development kernels now or be prepared for the Linux 2.2 kernel)
  • updated PCMCIA support (support for some of the latest PCMCIA cards)
  • better sound support (more supported cards)

In addition to the new Installation Class and other features, there are many package updates that you may be interested in. Here is a snapshot:

  • Databases
    • postgresql - Version 6.3.2
  • Editors
    • emacs - Version 20.3
    • vim-common - Version 5.3
  • Emulators
    • dosemu - Version 0.98.1
    • dosemu-freedos - Version 0.98.1
  • Graphics
    • ghostscript - Version 4.03
  • Mail
    • exmh - Version 2.0.2
    • mutt - Version 0.93.2
    • nmh - Version 0.27
    • pine - Version 4.04
  • Publishing
    • tetex - Version 0.9
  • Base
    • kernel 2.0.36
  • Debuggers
    • gdb - Version
  • Languages
    • egcs - Version 1.0.3a
    • gcc - Version
    • kaffe - Version 1.0.b2
    • python - Version 1.5.1
    • tcl - Version 8.0.3
    • tk - Version 8.0.3
  • Libraries
    • glibc - Version 2.0.7
  • Tools
    • binutils - Version
  • Version Control
    • cvs - Version 1.10.2
  • Utilities
    • samba - Version 1.9.18p10
  • Archiving
    • bzip2 - Version 0.9.0b
  • System
    • linuxconf - Version 1.12r5
    • rpm - Version 2.5.5
  • Applications
    • gimp - Version 1.0.1
    • netscape-common - Version 4.0.7
  • X Window Utilities
    • ee (Electric Eyes)- Version 0.3
  • Window Managers
    • Afterstep - Version 1.5
    • WindowMaker - Version 0.20.1
  • XFree86 - Version

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