Linux Shopping Mall

Linux Mall Ordering Policies

This document outlines our policies in regard to orders placed with the Linux Mall.

We guarantee our products.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on nearly every product we sell. If you are not completely satisfied with a product you buy from us, you may return it within 30 days of purchase for a refund. For more information please see our returns policy.

We encourage you to do business with us completely online.

Automated order processing saves us money, so we pass that savings on in the form of a 5% discount (given when the orders are downloaded into the main system) to those customers who help us reduce our costs by doing business with us completely online. By "completely online," we mean that you pay for your order with a credit card (no CODs, no Call for Credit Card Information, no Mailed Payments) and you do not supplement your online purchase with phone calls, email, or other additional human contact. We are doing our best to further automate our ordering processes and our web server. Please be patient with us.

The 5% online discount applies to product prices with some exceptions: it does not apply to the price of shipping & handling charges, any product under $15 in price, or any product whose classification is H, I, J, K, or L according to the dealer program. Product prices and classifications are posted on all product related web pages, prices are in our printed catalog, and at /sofs.html.

All orders placed online are uploaded every business morning at about 4am, and if possible processed and approved the same day they are uploaded. This means that it is possible that you could place your order, and it would not be shipped for 24-48 business hours. If you must have same day service on an item via accelerated shipping, then please be sure to call us at 303-693-3321 before our Noon MDT cutoff time for same day shipping and place the order with human being. Please express your urgency to them clearly. See for further information.

How to order online:

View the page that features the product you wish to buy. The page's URL will be /products/XXXXX.html where XXXXX is the product's 5-digit part number.

At the top of the product page, click one of the blue buttons "Order This Item" or "Order This Item Secure". You will then be asked to log in with your existing account number, or to establish a new account. Our online ordering system will then allow you to order as many items as you wish. The system will let you cancel right up to the end where it warns you that going on will finalize the order. Once you have provided contact information and shipping information for the account, you will never have to type it again unless you want to edit it.

If you find you are unable to establish an online account, you can order online without establishing an account as follows:

View the page for the item you want to order, and click on the "Product Index" button, which will take you to the Abbreviated Product Index page. Follow the directions on that page. Customers using Internet Explorer will find this the easiest way to order.

If you are still unable to order online, please use one of the following methods instead.

Non-online ordering:

Fax your order to 1-303-699-2793.

Call 1-800-234-7813 or 1-303-693-3321, 8am-5pm Mountain Time Monday through Friday.
Please note that this is an order line, answered by non-technical people. For product information, explore this Web Server, or email if the answer you are seeking is not on these web pages. You could also call the corporate office at 1-303-699-7470 during standard business hours.

To order by postal mail, print the pages with the products you want, and mail them with full information (see below) to:
Linux Mall at WGS, PO Box 460190, Aurora, CO 80046-0190

Orders also accepted via E-Mail at

Important: With all orders, make sure to include the following important information:

At our discretion, we may request a photocopy of a credit card and your driver's license. The lightest setting on the copier usually works best for photocopies that will be faxed. We may also request a hardcopy of the purchase order with company credit references sheet.

Please report to us any concerns that you may have about our customer service staff, preferably via E-Mail to This will help us improve our service.

We match competitors' prices.

If you see a product that Linux Mall carries advertised elsewhere for a lower price, show us the ad and we will match the competitor's price. The price must be legitimate and verifiable; please help us verify the price as follows:
If the ad was on the World Wide Web, please provide the URL (web address) where you saw it. If the ad was printed in a periodical, please name the publication, date, and page number. If the ad was broadcast on radio or television, please tell us when and on what channel, and include any phone numbers that were part of the ad. If the product was in a physical store, please provide the store name, location, and phone number.
It is to your advantage to ask for price-matching as early as possible, preferably at the time you place the order. This helps to ensure that your request reaches us before we charge your credit card. If we have already charged your card when you make the request, we will give you credit toward future orders (not a credit card refund) in the amount of the difference between the advertised price you found and the Linux Mall price. We will honor this offer for up to seven days after the order is placed.

This offer applies to product prices only, not to shipping and handling.

In those rare cases where it is not possible for us to match the competitor's price, we will select a gift to add to your order to thank you for choosing us over the cheaper competitor.

We reward you for shopping with us.

The Mall Rewards program offers the following benefits. Please note that these must be requested at the time of the order, and shipping charges do not qualify.

We charge for shipping and handling.

Nearly every product offered at the Linux Mall will incur a shipping and handling charge in addition to its price. (Exceptions include downloadable software, subscriptions, and services.) Important information on shipping and handling is posted at /policy/shipping.html.

As stated above, shipping and handling charges are not subject to discounts.

Shipping and handling charges do not include any customs fees, duties, VAT, etc. that your country's government may assess at the time of import. We cannot predict or prepay these fees.

We must charge sales tax if you are in Colorado.

Customers who reside in the state of Colorado, or who are having us ship to a Colorado address, will be charged the appropriate sales tax. If you are within the city of Aurora, CO, the rate is 7.55%. If you are within the Denver/Boulder metro area but outside Aurora, the rate is 3.8%. If you are elsewhere in the state, the rate is 3%. Please remember to account for sales tax in any order that you prepay (such as by check). Tax applies to product prices only, not to shipping and handling.

We do not collect sales tax for any state other than Colorado.

We like to keep in touch.

When you place an order with us you will be added to our customer mailing list for postal mail. But as of April 1, 1998, you are no longer automatically subscribed to the email lists. See below for information on subscribing yourself to the various Linux Mall email lists.

If you do not want to be on any of our mailing lists, or if you do not want your email and postal addresses shared with anyone else, just tell us so. We will make the proper notations in our records to ensure that your wishes are respected.

Among the things we email to customers are Linux Mall Announcements, Linux Mall Alerts, and the Linux Mall Newsletter. You can selectively add yourself to or remove yourself from the mailing lists for any or all of these at /subscribe.html.

We apologize to the many customers who would like to have been automatically subscribed to our email lists, but there are a vocal few that make trouble in public forums because we were doing so.

We respect your privacy. To see our policy regarding fair use of contact and other information see our privacy and mailing list policy . If you have comments or concerns about our privacy policy, email to

We are security-conscious.

We use a secure web server, with a Verisign key, and also accept orders via E-Mail that are PGP encrypted using our public key. Our public key is available at /linuxmallkey.pgp and at /linuxmallkey.asc.

In addition, we are very careful with our customers' credit card information, as shown under "Credit Cards" below.

Payment Arrangements

Any order for which payment arrangments are not made in advance, or a credit card does not clear will be cancelled, and an email message sent. When payment arrangments are under control, a formerly cancelled order can be reactivated upon request providing we have the information necessary to do so.

Orders Prepaid by Mail
For orders you wish to place and pay for in advance, simply fill out and use the portions of our online order form that apply and mail them with a check, money order, or credit card charge authorization made out in US Dollars to Linux Mall, PO Box 460190, Aurora, CO 80046-0190. Be sure to include any applicable shipping and handling charges. If you know your invoice number or order confirmation number, please write in on the memo line of the check or money order.

COD Orders
Customers within the US may request COD shipment, but we do not encourage it. If you must place a COD order, it will incur a special COD fee of $10.00 in addition to the product price and regular shipping and handling. CODs MUST be paid by Cashier's Check or Money Order. Cash unfortunately cannot be accepted for CODs anymore, because United Parcel Service (UPS) and other carriers no longer accept cash as legal tender. We argued with them to no avail.

If you know your invoice number or order confirmation number, please write it on the memo line of the check or money order.

Credit Cards
We accept American Express, Discover, Master Card, and VISA cards only.

We won't charge a credit card until we start processing an order for shipment. Back orders generally are not charged until they are ready to ship. We also will not ship until a credit card has been charged successfully, or other payment has been received.

Most importantly, we will not charge a card unless we are confident that the person asking us to do so is authorized to use that particular card. To protect our customers against fraud, we verify addresses and may contact customers to verify that the card is being used properly.

If your order meets any of these criteria:

then we will contact you to ask for one or more of the following. These items need to be supplied only once, and then we will keep the information on file for future orders: You can get a jump on things by providing this information when you place your first order with us. Thank you for your patience; we would rather be careful, than to have to raise prices to pay for fraud. We hope that you feel the same way.

Purchase Orders
Purchase orders will be accepted when all of these criteria are met:

In order to approve credit we need you to supply credit references, and we may run a credit report. At our discretion, we may allow educational institutions to use purchase orders without credit references.

Bank Transfer/Wiring Funds
In order to wire funds, please provide the following information to your bank:

First United Bank aba #107005102
Mission Viejo Branch
15340 East Hampden Avenue
Aurora, CO 80012, USA
Phone 1-303-693-1000
Linux Mall account #1031175
the amount to be transferred in US funds
the invoice number or web order number, if known
After you order the wire transfer, please contact Linux Mall to let us know that it's coming, so that we can watch for it to be posted. To expedite processing of your order, please fax the receipt that your bank gives you to 1-303-699-2793.

Proof of Dealer or Reseller status

If you are a dealer or reseller and wish to get special dealer discounts, submit a copy of your business license, sales tax license or other proof of reseller status.