Linux Mall Referral Program

When you join this program, you can earn commissions on sales of all the great products in the Linux Mall without making a single sales pitch! It's easy, and it's absolutely free.

Find out how it works by reading the Referral Program Page.

Instructions to join the Associate / Referral program now!

The HTML code for the referral program will display buttons as below. When the button you display on your site is clicked, the user will be transferred to the Linux Mall with your referral number set. The particular code segments given here sets LinuxMall's own code, you could use it and simply substitute your own account number after the question mark.

The online ordering system supports these incoming referral codes so that any sale made is trackable to the referral source, and commissions can be paid.. If you want to sign up and start referring, you can follow the steps below:

Please do not modify the HTML code segment source you receive with the exception of making sure the account number is your correct account# (other wise we cannot know who to pay!). Especially do not change it to physically move the button graphic (mallrfr?.gif) itself to your own site, as we are still in the process of defining them. Please allow the graphic to be fetched/linked from our site.

*Note* If the browser doing the accessing does not have cookies or cookies are turned off, it is not possible for us to trace the source of the referral.

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