We want everyone to hear about and enjoy Linux.
So we're practically giving it away!

As of April 1, 1998 our FREE CD policy is changing, after running for almost a year, and giving away tens of thousands of Linux CDs. All CDs listed below are now almost free, $1.89 each plus shipping and handling, regardless of quantity.

You may ALSO get any ONE of the CDs presented below for FREE when you place a Linux Mall order online totaling $11 or more (before S&H;) using your credit card. See the Limitations, Terms & Conditions below.

Choose From: Debian, FreeBSD, Linux Pro, Mandrake, OpenLinux by Caldera, Red Hat Linux, Slackware, SuSE, or TurboLinux!

You may buy any quantity of each of the above CDs separately.


If you want several or all of them at the same time, we recommend you consider the excellent SixPak, SixPak Extra Large, and Linux MegaPak deals.

Why would you want them all at the same time? Here are two great reasons:

  1. If you are a software or hardware developer, you might want to have all popular Linux distributions on hand to test your product with. Multi-packs are a quick, easy and inexpensive way accomplish this.

  2. You may want an answer to the common question, "Which Linux is best?". This question is best answered for yourself, as it is just like asking "Which automobile is best?". The answer is different for different people, based on different needs and desires. All the various Linux flavors are more alike than than they are different. Differences tend to be in installation and upgrade procedures, included window managers and administration tools, and in the version numbers of specific utilities. Software that runs on one distribution will generally run on another.

Tell your friends! There's only one place to buy Linux products and that place is Linux Mall, The Linux Superstore!

Please see each of the product pages for the items listed below!

Commercial Software Cheap CDs
Caldera OpenLinux Caldera OpenLinux CD by Linux Mall
Debian, Official Debian CD by Linux Mall
FreeBSD 4-CD Set FreeBSD CD by Linux Mall
Linux-Mandrake Power Pack Mandrake CD by Linux Mall
Linux Pro Installation & More
Linux Pro Plus
Linux Pro CD by Linux Mall
Red Hat Official Linux
Red Hat Wrap
Red Hat Plush with Penguin Power
Red Hat Power Pack
Red Hat CD by Linux Mall
Slackware, Official Slackware CD by Linux Mall
SuSE Linux, Official SuSE CD by Linux Mall
TurboLinux, Official TurboLinux CD by Linux Mall

Limitations, Terms & Conditions:

For our standard order policy, which also applies, please see ./policy/ordering.html

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