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  • Linux Gives Vets a Break
    PEC Solutions is spearheading a Red Hat Linux deployment for the The Department of Veterans Affairs' Acquisition Operations and Analysis Service. (May 15, 2000)

    Hammers, Nails and Code: Software Carpentry Project Builds
    Open Source Future Building a silicon Habitat for Humanity, the Software Carpentry project uses Python and Open Source ideals to construct a solid foundation for ideas to develop and thrive. (May 15, 2000)

    Stuck in the Middleware With You
    Sometimes the best way to win can be to avoid the fight. In the software arena, many Open Source middleware developers are promoting true choice through cooperation, enabling the user to combine old favorite programs and languages with the latest features rather than choose between them. (May 15, 2000)

    Linux Firm Rackspace.com Meets Rising Asian Demand
    Linux's continuing growth in the Asian market has prompted Rackspace.com, a Linux-based Internet hosting services provider, to open an office in Hong Kong and name a new director of Asian operations. This move represents the latest in a series of cooperative efforts between Linux companies and the Asian marketplace. (May 12, 2000)

    Dial-A-Geek: Linux Consultant Web Site Announced
    Companies afraid to use Linux because of a lack of trained support personnel, relax; there's no need to fear--Geeks 'R Us is here. (May 12, 2000)

    One World One Linux
    The worldwide Linux community is now one step closer to total global domination. The Linux Internationalization Initiative (Li18nux) has announced that a draft of its long-awaited Globalization specification is now available on its Web site for public review. (May 12, 2000)

    IBM's Java Tools Knock Out Sun's
    Beating Sun to what might be its own punch, IBM is emerging as a heavyweight contender in the Java development arena. (May 11, 2000)

    Stoic Distro for the Paranoid
    Finally, a Linux distribution geared at easing the security-conscious minds of such self-professed paranoiacs as G. Gordon Liddy has hit the streets. Nexus developers are taking names, ranks and numbers. (May 11, 2000)

    Lineo Launches Partnership Program
    It's official: Lineo is certifiable--for everything from Web browsers to voice-recognition devices. (May 10, 2000)

    BU Gives Linux the Boot
    Boston University has announced its very own Linux Distribution hoping that campus users will give it the boot. (May 10, 2000)

    More news from LinuxNews.com

    Move Over Wintel...  Now that Intel is openly courting Linux and Open Source developers, can a Lintel world be far away? (May 16, 2000)

    Patents Donated to GNU In what will hopefully only be the first of many such acts, Raph Levien has donated 17 patents to Open Source projects, requiring that any use of the patents in software be distributed under the GPL. (May 15, 2000)

    Speed Up Your Hard Drive  LinuxNewbie.org offers advice on how to speed up your hard drive for optimal performance. (May 15, 2000)

    Look Ma, I Clustered My Servers  Byte.com has a nifty article about Linux Clusters. (May 15, 2000)

    Using Log Files  Log files, what they are, where to find them and how to use them. Log files are your friend, get to know them well! (May 11, 2000)

    Intel 'Open Sources' Itanium  Intel has put up the specifications for the upcoming 64-bit Itanium processor to allow Open Source developers to develop applications prior to the launch of the processor. They may have picked a silly name for the chip, but they're doing the Right Thing TM. (May 10, 2000)

    The Oracle Linux Appliance  Oracle is unveiling a $199 Linux PC/appliance that is aimed at the education and home markets. Oracle's new device does not have a hard drive, but does come with a 56K modem, CD-ROM and 64MB of RAM. (May 9, 2000)

    GNUCash Grows Up  This week's Linux Weekly News revisits the GNUCash project and finds that it's ready for prime time. (May 4, 2000)

    2.4 Timeline  ZDNet UK covers the fashionably late 2.4 Linux kernel release. (May 3, 2000)

    Open Source is Here to Stay  Bob Young rebuts John Taschek's Open Source is a Road to Nowhere. (May 3, 2000)

    Bill's Blues  Upside Today presents a very interesting and detailed look at the bevy of woes that now face Microsoft. (May 3, 2000)

    Konqueror.org Launched
     The KDE Team has announced the launch of a new Web site specifically for the Konqueror project. Konqueror is KDE's next-generation file manager, web browser and universal document viewer. (May 2, 2000)

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